Durham Food & Drink Network is a support programme for food producers in County Durham, who need help getting their products to market.

Durham Food & Drink Network is a support programme for food producers in County Durham, who need help getting their products to market.

Durham Food & Drink Network is part of the Durham Business Opportunities Programme (DBOP) funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The programme allows companies to tap into fully funded, theme-based business support, events and new routes to market.

Access to affordable, targeted support is also available to help businesses build on this fully funded offer.


Access to networks

Talent attraction

Logistics and distribution

Product labelling

Production equipment

Access to funding

Events and workshops

Durham Food & Drink Network is being jointly delivered by the county’s three enterprise agencies.

The agencies are: East Durham Business Service (EDBS), CDC Enterprise Agency and the South Durham Enterprise Agency.

Steve Robson is from South Durham Enterprise Agency. He said: “We know there are food and drink producers across the county who are making fantastic products but are struggling to find a route to market and access the support they need for their business.

”What the Durham Food & Drink Network will do is identify those people or companies who could most benefit from assistance to take their business to the next level.

“The programme will give businesses access to fully funded business support, fantastic food events and workshops. Combined with affordable, accessible and expert follow on support, businesses can build on their fully funded provision to improve and grow.

”The food industry is a significant contributor to County Durham’s economic prosperity, however there are still many barriers that exist which are preventing some of our smaller producers making the impact which their products have the potential to achieve.”


Vying for growth in the Vegan Food Sector

May 22, 2019
16:00 – 19:30
Bean Social, Durham
£29 per person

The Vegan food and drink market is growing at a phenomenal rate it is something that you and your business needs to really consider if not you may be left behind in the clamour for plant based foods.

Book yourself onto ‘Vying for Growth in the Vegan Food Sector ‘ to find out more.


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How to get involved

If you’d like to get involved in the Durham Food & Drink Network or find out more about how the fully funded offering can help your business grow, please get in touch.


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Durham Food & Drink Network is part funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and managed by the Durham Business Opportunities Programme (DBOP) team at Business Durham alongside East Durham Business Service, CDC Enterprise Agency and the South Durham Enterprise Agency. Site by LEC.